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About ExchangeMyCoins

Once in a while big things happens and once in a while revolutions happens. Crypto coins is one of those revolutions. The world of crypto coins are changing the way we think of "money" and never has so much changed so fast. But we are not quite there yet. Even though lots of companies provide services to exchange and trade different crypto coins, they all compromise in different ways. We think that is a shame. We want to join the revolution and rethink they way true crypto coin exchanges are made.

ExchangeMyCoins.com's mission is simply to fill the gap between crypto coins and you. And most important provide a fast, easy, secure and total anonymous way to do exchanges between the most popular crypto coins.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Meet the team

Tino Dainese

Development & Security

CTO, co-founder & co-owner. Responsible for software development and security. Tino (besides being our backend wizard) has an extensive background developing solutions for major Danish and international companies and organizations

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Kasper Ebsen

Strategy & Marketing

CEO, co-founder & co-owner. Co-responsible for strategy, administration and marketing. Kasper is one happy early bitcoin adopter and has comprehensive experience with optimizing online business through his background as an online marketing manager at a danish web agency.

Read more about Kasper at LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Jacob Worsøe

Development & Marketing

COO, co-founder & co-owner. Lead frontend developer. Co-responsible for strategi and marketing. Jacob bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 and it was love at first sight. He has major experience with online businesses through his career as an online marketing consultant at a danish web agency.

Read more about Jacob at LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.