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What is ExchangeMyCoins?

ExchangeMyCoins is the one thing missing from the crypto currency world - easy, fast and secure exchanges from Namecoin to Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies without registration and allways in total anonymity. Begin your Namecoin to Bitcoin exchange in the form above right away

Exchange Namecoin to Bitcoin

Exchange namecoin to bitcoin in 3 easy steps. First choose that your want to exchange from namecoins to bitcoins in the top of this page. Then type in the wallet address where you want to receive your bitcoins. At last, send your namecoins to the address we provide you. When we receive and confirm your namecoins in our system (up to 60 minutes) we send back your bitcoins to the provided address.

Namecoins - The crypto coin based on Bitcoins

Namecoin is a crypto coin made in 2010 that is based on the Bitcoin technology and uses the same algorithm. That includes the maximum number of in total 21 million coins. Today Namecoin is one of the 5 largest crypto coins.

Fast and secure exchange of NME to BTC

Here at Exhangemycoins.com Namecoin (NME) can easily be exchanged to Bitcoins (BTC) alomst instantly. In fact the only delay is the required Namecoin network confirmations that ensure your exchange is made safe and secure. The maximum confirmations time for Namecoin to Bitcoin exchanges is 60 minutes. Here at Exchangemycoins.com we makes you able to exchange your namecoins to bitcoins without any registration and in totally anonymity.

Pay with your namecoins

Today, Bitcoin are the largest crypto coin out there and the most common crypto coin to pay with. Great for Bitcoin but a shame for all you Namecoin users. We want to deal with that and make it possible to pay with namecoins everywhere you can pay with bitcoin without dealing with complex registration and heavy services. Here at exchangemycoins.com you can use your namecoins to get bitcoins and decide what address to receive your bitcoins. That opens the door to paying with namecoins everyplace where your can pay with bitcoins easy, fast and off cource in total anonymity.